Rescue Helicopters



Helicopters Provide A Smooth Ride

Helicopters provide the ultimate tool to get from a tight spot to where you can get the best attention possible.  

Our Jetranger can be equipped with one stretcher and still a seat for a passenger or medical personnel.  We can be kept on standby in this configuration should you require the peace of mind that comes with some of the work that is undertaken in this area.

Moving a patient in a helicopter is one of the best ways to reduce stressful travel.  Our aircraft can fly at low altitudes providing a far smoother ride than any dirt track for miles around.  This ensures that your patient arrives safely and ready for the next stage of their treatment.

Emergency Evacuation in Central Australia
One Stretcher And Doctors Seat
Helicopter Rescue In Desert
Helicopter Rescue In Desert
search and rescue by helicopter
Search And Rescue