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BAMBI Bucket

Raindance R2 

Fire Suppression & Aerial Incendiary

Our extensive fleet and compliment of role equipment makes fire suppression and aerial incendiary work as easy as it can be.  Our pilots all carry dangerous goods certificates and those who undertake this hold sling and long line endorsements along with hours of experience operating at low levels.

Alice Springs Helicopters holds an instrument of approval to carry petrol in approved containers in our helicopters for operations involving petrol blowers etc.

Within our role equipment we hold the following:

FAST Bucket
The FAST (Fire Attack Storm Tank) Bucket is a helicopter-borne self-contained retardant delivery system that permits cockpit selectable fill volume, multiple (split) drops from a single load, and variable water release rates.  The FAST bucket has a published 434ltr capacity when utilised with the Bell 206B3 and 606ltrs with the Bell 206L.  The Cockpit Controller controls the quantity of water carried, the number of drops, and rate of release on each drop is automated and pilot-selectable.  The Release Valve opening and closure is operated by a cockpit-located switch (normally the aircraft’s existing water release switch).  In addition to the operational features of the FAST Bucket, the optional Cockpit Controller records a variety of data including volume of water lifted, date and time of lift, and number of drops performed. This information can be downloaded to a PC through the Microsoft Windows based download software supplied with the system.  Fast Fill is a 28VDC powered internal or external pump system which mounts very quickly to any of the FAST buckets.  This enables the FAST bucket to be filled from a water source of only 12” (30cm) in 20-40 seconds.  For more information:

BAMBI Bucket
BAMBI Bucket is a helicopter-borne self-contained retardant delivery system.  It is compact light weight and portable with an instant open dump valve rather than multiple drops.  It is suitable for both the B206 and R44.  Please see for more information

Raindance R2 – Aerial Incendiary
The R2 machine is an innovative, compact machine that works with belt fed capsules for safe, jam-free fire ignition operations.  The R2 System was developed and proven in Western Australia by fire management experts who needed a better, more reliable solution to start aerial ignitions.  The R2 is their answer for a system that is less expensive to operate and highly reliable for safe firing operations.  It is simple to operate and training is easily accomplished within a day.

System Advantages:
The R2 incendiary system offers unique advantages for use in helicopters, fixed wing aircraft or mobile vehicles:

  • Compact sized machine and capsules
  • Light weight; designed for aircraft
  • 1,000 capsules per magazine
  • Belt fed capsules are jam-free
  • Selectable drop rates, up to 200 per minute
  • See thru door allows the operator to view the capsule feed, injection and drop areas
  • Both manual and electric fire extinguishing
  • Computer monitoring of the system status gives fault codes and improves safety
  • Backup power supply drives the machine to park-safe position upon loss of electrical power
  • Capsule counter and indicator shows number of drops for the magazine change and the job
  • Remote hand held pendant is available
  • Third party GPS unit to log the location of dropping of capsules.
  • Customized installations for fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and mobile vehicles.
  • Proven reliability lighting burns in Australia.

Dimensions: W 11.8 in x H 15.75 in x L 11.0 in
Weight: 53 lbs. – Full & 39.6 lbs. - Empty
Capacity: 3.8 qt. – Water & 3.3 qt. - Glycol
Current draw: 2.5 amps (max)
Rated voltage: 12 to 30 volts DC
Firing speeds: 12, 30, 60, 85, 200 capsules/min.
Fire extinguisher: 44 fluid ounces per minute of water
Hand pump: 3.4 fluid ounces per shot
Capsule box: 13X13X6 5lbs/1000
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Raindance R2
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