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Aerial Photography & Filming

Filming a documentary, mini-series or a home movie? Need aerial stills for your new brochure?

Helicopters provide a highly maneuverable, smooth and stable platform for filming and photography.

Whether you're shooting stills or a motion picture, we can find the solution that brings your product to life.

We have media capable Bell Jetranger helicopters equipped with harness attach points, 14V and 28V power outlets and approved specialist camera mounts. 

Our experienced team can fit nose mounted gyroscopic cameras or work with you to find the best solution for your project. We pride ourselves on quality.

We have experience with following filming equipment

  • Cineflex Nose Mount

  • Gyron Side Mount

  • F1 shootover

  • Tyner nose mount

  • Mini Gyro

  • GoPro Mounts inside and and outside the helicopter

Clients who previously used our services include

  • Tracks Film - Movie (2012)

  • Down Under Horseman - Documentary (2013)

  • Finke Desert Race - Documentary (2010 - current)

  • Stangerland - Movie (2015)

  • Amazing Race - TV show (2020)

  • Living Room Channel 10 - TV show (2022)

  • Al Jazeera TV

  • Mischief films

  • World Toughest Truckers

  • Sony Films

  • Qantas

  • Voyager Productions

  • Hema Maps

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