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Feral animal

At Alice Springs Helicopters we are very experienced in aerial feral animal control.

We have conducted numerous culling shoots and bait deployments for various government bodies across Central Australia. 

Feral animals such as camels, donkeys and horses damage sensitive native plants and landscapes, contribute to erosion and may contaminate waterways.

Feral dogs and cats threaten native animals, including endangered species, as well as harassing, maiming or killing livestock. These animals may cover very large distances, out-competing native wildlife for food and water, as well as perishing themselves during periods of drought.

Aerial culling is an effective and humane control measure in an environment where distances are vast and the landscape is often rugged, so other methods of control, such as sterilization or trapping may be impractical. 

We have piston and turbine helicopters available.

Our pilots carry dangerous goods certificates and are equipped with hours of experience operating at low level.


We can assist in the control of feral animals by providing:

  • Aerial culling

  • Aerial baiting

  • Research support for remote locations

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