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Mineral Exploration

Central Australia has an inhospitable landscape, sparsely settled terrain and very few roads for providing support. 

Helicopters provide the perfect solution for accessing remote locations in a safe and time efficient manner.

Whether you are carrying out a survey, pegging a lease, carrying out a geophysical program, or simply need to transfer people and equipment we can provide a cost effective solution. 

Helicopters can be used to conduct tasks that are not possible with other aircraft, or that are too time or work-intensive to achieve on the ground. The ability of the helicopter to take-off and land vertically, to hover for extended periods of time and work in the most difficult terrain, means they are the answer to the exacting requirements of mining and pastoral operations in Central Australia.

Since 1992 we have provided logistical support to the exploration industry for geophysical surveys, geological and geochemical sampling. We supply experienced crews and helicopters that are specially set up for remote area operations.

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